Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Further fiddling on Spader

I returned to Spader and added more details, blending. Not sure if i like perfectly blended paintings, i like to see brush strokes and splodges of colour. Had real difficulties with the mouth area. Ended up giving his moustache a green hue, but now not sure if I was best to leave it as it was. Also refined the mouth, but i still havent got Spaders lips right! No doubt I will come back to it and fiddle some more.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Secretary

James Spader, 12.15am, I just had to paint him, 3.45am...... finished. Woke up looked at it, fiddled some more.
Painted in photoshop , look at that washed out background, I cant see this when I am painting in artificial light, which is a bit of a pain, because I always paint at night after work. This image looks totally different on the Cintiq screen, and one day i'll figure out monitor colour settings ... but oh dear that background. I should go back and sort it out.. but once finished... Meh, on to the next one. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Steve, painted in PS, more practice.

Traditional - Digital

Scanned Water colour painting of Victorian balloons, copied and pasted together into photoshop.

 Fear & matte painting - two photographs, blend together, paint elements on final layer using photoshop and painterX. With hindsight I can see where I've gone wrong. The background is simply too crisp, the mountains, floor and sky needed some blurring ( those were the photos) My painting on top still looks reasonable,but perhaps the back building needed to be less sharp too.
Photoshop painting hands were tricky, still not happy with them but what can you do? Practice practice :) 

Love them



Tried Zbrush, 3D modelling software - gorgeous software, so compicated to use, great I guess if you're used to CAD, I am not, but i've given it a shot ....... but oh so many things to try......So much software to learn.. I wish I was retired and had the time to paint all day every day and night and on and on and on. 


Took four hours, tried to get a painterly feel to this one, quite liked it when i finished it, but one day later... bleugh! Photoshop painting, using Cintiq.


Pencil sketch on cartridge paper

More sketching

and more........

Walking in Corfu

Painting took about 7 hours, sketched then scanned into PS. I used some great brushes from Daarken, though I think I've gone overboard with them in on the background. I enjoyed doing this, great fun, but the frustration still remains with my efforts. I've a long way to go!


Love Charlton! Makes me laugh. Photoshop and painter painting.

More painting

Belgrade, first attempt to paint buildings, photo reference used. Digitally painted using a cintiq and photoshop and a bit of painterX. I still have no idea how I created some of those textures.


Krakow Poland painted from a photo taken whilst visiting.Painted in photoshop from a scanned sketch, using photo for reference.

Corfu Lakones

Buildings, hell why not? Corfu painted straight in to photoshop, hell of a time with straight lines and colour.
I keep looking at Craig Mullins for inspiration, but it's not working, if anything is scaring me. So much to learn.