Monday, October 17, 2011

More photoshop painting

 The note. Original sketch scanned then painted in photoshop. Used multiply layers underneath the sketch. Also normal layers too. Duplicate the sketch layer and set to multiply, helps you to see your original guide lines. 

Pearl Necklace- fnar fnar. Photoshop painting, with text background. Airbrushed the legs, but blended the body using texture brushes like the "chalk" brush. Tried to get that perfect smooth look, but failed, also not sure i like smooth, i like to see brush work.

Grey Scale study - incomplete.
One of my first attempts using the Wacom Cintiq, simple greyscale study for values and shape. 

Coming Home - Painted from imagination -  study. Had fun messing about with this and playing with different layer effects, colour burn, multiply, screen, etc. Then someone suggested i added rain. Simply apply dots and then put the motion blur filter on and play about with the settings. I love this about digital painting, no rubbing off just play about with different ideas. No running out of paint and canvasses. 

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